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Reply To: Enquiries coming through…but feeling not yet ready?

Rachel Barton

Hi Jessica,
Congrats on making the move into independent practice and welcome to the ASLTIP community! Firstly, you can opt for your profile not to be live yet so that the public can’t see it. You could contact Jemma in the office if you’re not sure how to do that. Alternatively, you could set yourself a time frame to be up and running and just inform prospective clients of that. I think it’s very reasonable to say that you are process of getting everything in place before seeing new referrals but that you will get back in contact in X months time to see if they are still looking for support. That then gives them the option to look elsewhere or hang on.

Have you done the ‘Setting Up in Independent Practice’ course offered by ASLTIP? This is will really help to give you extra confidence that you have done all you need to prepare. I think we all felt a bit nervous before taking on our first private clients. The key is to remember that you are an experienced SLT, the regulations and guidance from HCPC and RCSLT are the same, it’s the same job, you just have more freedom to act in the way that you see specifically fits with your clients needs and your own philosophies and values.

I recommend getting in touch with your local ASLITP group if there is one, or if not, there is a virtual local group being setting up (Nicola Holmes is the local groups coordinator on the ASLTIP committee who could give you more info on this). In terms of organising supervision, there are lots of us in this community who are supervisors – you can use the search on the ASLTIP ‘find a therapist’ function to find people local to you if you want to meet in person. A lot of supervision happens via Zoom these days so that opens up the possibilities for you. There is also the Intandem Supervisor Register which you can search:

supervisor register

What I would say is that some people start practising with just the essentials in place and grow their practice quite organically as they see what is needed, others prepare everything in detail before starting to see clients. There’s no wrong or right way as long as you have all the basic legal bits in place, I think this is down to personal style and what you feel will be less stressful.

When I set up I made a checklist of everything I needed/wanted to do before starting practising and gradually worked my way through it. It’s probably not an exhaustive list and it may not reflect what you want/need to do but I’m happy to share it with you if you drop me an email: rachelbartonslt@gmail.com

Good luck in your new venture!
Best wishes,