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Reply To: Groups/Forums for parents of children with DLD

Catherine Ornstein

Hi Ann-Marie,

The group Rachel describes is very helpful to parents I think. NAPLIC and AFASIC run joint online parent courses as well. I think they advertise these on Facebook on the page Rachel mentions (to keep the admin side down) and the spaces are filled on a first come first served basis. I’ve had parents attend these and find them fantastic and have liaised with Stephen Parsons, Chair of NAPLIC about the content. They are about DLD and its characteristics, research, getting help but also allow time for parents to go into breakout rooms and chat through the issues in relation to the topic that is the focus that week. They run in the evenings.

Last year I ran free weekly online parent support groups too. As I’m sure you can imagine the interest was huge! I’ve taken time off running the groups due to health issues but plan to deliver some local in person ones next year …. I think its these that Mandy is referring to 🙂 Information about these will be posted on my Facebook page (Catherine Ornstein Speech Therapy) before they start. 

Best wishes, Catherine