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Firle Beckley

Member since: 25/06/2019

I qualified as a speech and language therapist in 2003 and worked for over 10 years in NHS adult neurology.

Now have my own independent practice (Firleb Therapies) and work 1 day a week with the Charity SayAphasia (www.sayaphasia.org).

I am a core member of the University College London Better Conversations Lab. I am writing up my PhD exploring communication strategy use by people with aphasia in conversation and everyday activities.

Other research projects include a recent grant to run an innovative group “The Art of Conversation with Aphasia” (www.https://conversationwithaphasia.wordpress.com/) blending art with therapy.

I provide communication advice, assessment and therapy for people with aphasia, family and friends.

I like to focus on activities that will make a real difference to your everyday life, and everyday conversations. My goal is to help you live as best you can with aphasia.

I’m based in East Sussex and offer face-to-face or zoom sessions.

Conditions treated
  • Adult language (incl aphasia)
  • Consultancy to services
  • Online therapy / Telehealth
  • Stroke
Age ranges treated
  • Adult
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